Austin J Bergquist, PhD, CSEP CEP
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory
Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto Rehab, University Health Network
520 Sutherland Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 3V9, Canada
Tel: 416-597-3422 ext. 5295
E-mail: austin.bergquist [at]


Professional Membership



My main research interests are related to functional electrical stimulation (FES) exercise, whereby electrical stimulation is coordinated to allow people who experience paralysis to pedal a bicycle (i.e. FES lower extremity cycling) or produce a rowing motion (i.e. FES rowing). My research focuses on: 1) understanding how the delivery of FES can be adjusted to maximize muscle performance (e.g. muscle activation, fatigability, power output, stimulation comfort), 2) generating new knowledge on how exercise (e.g. FES rowing and cycling, etc) can help the brain and spinal cord recover after neurological injury (e.g. spinal cord injury, stroke); and 3) translating this information to help people who have experienced neurological injury, maximize the therapeutic benefits associated with participation in FES exercise (e.g. improved cardiovascular function) or therapy (e.g. improved voluntary motor control).

Selected Publications


Class Size
Times Taught
Primary Instructor
Skill Acquisition and Performance (PEDS 203; UAlberta) ~100 1
Human Motor Control (PEDS 302; UAlberta) ~50 1
Human Physiology (PEDS 101; UAlberta) ~200 1
Teaching Assistant
Adapted Physical Activity for Diverse Populations (PERLS 207; UAlberta) ~100 1
Human Motor Control (PEDS 302; UAlberta) ~50 3
Assessment & Delivery for Adapted Physical Activity (PERLS 370; UAlberta) ~30 2