Compex Motion Programmable and Portable Electrical Stimulator for Transcutaneous FES Applications

A new portable and programmable electrical stimulator, Compex Motion, which can be used for a wide range of transcutaneous functional electrical stimulation (FES) applications has been developed in cooperation with Compex SA and the Electrical Stimulation Group, in Switzerland. The stimulator can be used to develop various custom-made neuroprostheses, neurological assessment devices, muscle exercise systems, and experimental set-ups for physiological studies. The Compex Motion stimulator can be programmed to generate any arbitrary stimulation sequence, and can be controlled or regulated using any external sensor, sensory system, or laboratory equipment. The stimulator has four current regulated stimulation channels that can be expanded to multiples of four channels (8,12,16,). The stimulation sequences are stored on readily exchangeable memory cards. By replacing the memory card, the function of the stimulator can be changed instantaneously to provide a different function or FES treatment. The Compex Motion stimulator is manufactured by the company Compex SA, and is currently undergoing clinical trials.